Speaker Testimonials

“Janie Lidey puts all of her heart into everything she does. Her songs, spirit and writing stand out in profound and impactful ways. She has made a difference in the world around her and the lives of all who know her.”

~ John Carter Cash ~
Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer

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“Janie Lidey is a transformational leader and an outstanding role model. Through her many leaps of faith, she has proven that persistence and vision can lead to great success in one’s chosen profession.”

~ Carol Comeau ~
Retired Superintendent, Anchorage School District

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“Beyond the musical accolades and excellence Janie Lidey has cultivated in her life, her greatest strength is her almost magical ability to connect with people from every walk of life, inspiring them to believe in themselves and their ability to make a positive difference in the world.”

~ Michael T. Graham ~
Chief Academic Officer, Anchorage School District

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“Passionate Enthusiasm + Positive Energy + Performance Excellence = Janie Lidey is Perfect!”

~ MK Mueller ~
Author of 8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change

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“Music is the universal language that will lift the world and make it sing in unison. I believe the message Janie Lidey brings in her stories and songs is what will fuel the movement!”

~Gene Bedley~
National Educator of the Year and
Impact Coordinator for Lift up America