CD ~ Just Breathe It In


Janie Lidey’s third CD, Just Breathe It In, was released on June 29, 2010. It’s filled with songs that come from experiencing life and trying to capture the magic of those experiences in song. Janie’s hope is to bring a little love, peace and happiness into your world with her warmth and sincerity.

The song styles on this CD vary from ballads to soft rock to country to spiritual. Janie is backed by some amazing musicians which have accompanied her on all three of her CDs. The leads played by guitarist Jared Woods grab your attention and make you want to listen again and again. The final song on the CD is called “Change of Heart” and is a song about tolerance that won Janie an Emmy in the category of musical composer at the Northwest Regional Emmy Awards back in 2004.

Shipping: $2.00

‘Just Breathe It In’ Song List

  1. Just Breathe It In
  2. Baby How You Amaze Me
  3. There Will Be Peace
  4. It Could’ve Been Rainin’
  5. Good Bad Girl
  6. New Rod & Reel
  7. Just Give Me One More Day
  8. Somethin’ About an Angel
  9. What If Some Day
  10. The Dream Lives On
  11. Daddy’s Love
  12. Change Of Heart