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What if we all had an angel sitting on our shoulder each day?

Angels have no philosophy but love.
Terri Guillemets

Angel on my shoulder...I remember going through a really rough period in my life and having my big sister Kris tell me not to worry because she would be sitting on my shoulder all day. It was during a time when a lot of women wore big shoulder pads and I would tell Kris that I’d be sure to wear some really thick ones for the day so she would be extra cozy. I believe we all have angels watching over us but I think we sometimes forget that many of our angels are right here on earth with us ~ ready to catch us if we fall.

What kinds of angels do you have in your life? And who might think of YOU as their angel? How could you spread your wings and be that angel that someone needed today?

  • While getting ready for your day, try and think of someone in your life who could use an angel today.
  • Find a way to reach out to that person ~ even if all you have time for is a positive thought or prayer for them.
  • Remember that you can be an angel for someone, even if you don’t know them. What if your kind words or smile made the difference between someone feeling lost and all alone or feeling like there was a connection ~ a web of kindness that we all are part of.

I believe that in our darkest hour, our angels are always there to bring us to the light. May you feel the presence of your angels today.

Listen to ‘Somethin’ About An Angel’ by Janie Lidey & Matt Wilder


What if we were to leap with faith toward the life of our dreams?

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!
J.W. Von Goethe

Whatever you can dream...After teaching music in Alaska for 26 years, I came home one day and told my husband I wanted to shift out of my role as teacher in one classroom and make the world my classroom. I was passionate about raising the vibration of love on our planet by sharing my stories and songs on a global level.

Rather than panic and tell me not to quit my day job, he went out and bought me a beautiful painting of a mountain goat leaping from one sheer cliff to another, surely to fall to his death were he to not make the other side. At the bottom of the painting it simply said, ‘FAITH’. So I took the leap of faith and retired early from teaching so that I could go out into the world and share my music & my message.

We don’t always get that kind of support from our families when we want to follow our passion but we can start with our own faith and begin taking little leaps toward our dreams. What kinds of steps could you begin taking today?

  • Decide that your dream is important!
  • Create a dream board and paint the picture of your dream using lots of colors and images that help you feel it as though it were already real.
  • Take a step every day toward making your dream a reality, even if it is a baby step, When you begin something, a myriad of things come your way that you might never have dreamed would happen!

I believe that when we lose our fear and take a leap of faith toward something we’d really like to do, it brings us closer to our true calling!

May you Leap with Faith Today! 🙂

Listen to ‘Leap of Faith’ by Janie Lidey & Matt Wilder